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One in Six is Ugly! (March 02 2010)

Ah jeez… am I fatigued. I’ve just returned from a trip to DC, where I attended a congressional hearing on “The Relationship Between Medication and Veteran Suicide.”

Can you believe that one in six service members are on some form of psychiatric drug? That’s just plain silly crazy! That’s tens of thousands of servicemen and women.

Crazy as a chicken driving a tractor, as my father used to say. Or as the French philosophe Michel Foucault once said, “Madness exists only in society. It does not exist outside the forms of sensibility that isolate it, and the forms of repulsion that expel it or capture it.’”

Some good things were said. The psychiatry critic Peter Breggin made me spill my coffee, and he proved once again that you can be mad as all getout and still be totally on to the fact that psychiatry is as toxic as nuclear waste.  The whole thing put me in a genuine funk. Ain’t like nothin’s going change. It was a stage show, like most shows in Washington, where acting the part and real action are regularly confused as one and the same.

So forget Washington, I’ve gone and applied for a press pass for the Afghanistan theatre of psychotropic experimentation. I’m gonna get in the muck and see what’s really going on. With so many stressed and damaged soldiers fighting with meds in their minds, you’ve gotta wonder what the hell’s really going on. During Vietnam, opiates were the drug of choice - and I just saw a new study showing that morphine reduces battle stress. So you see where this is going. This ain’t no Vietnam. The psychic fallout for front-line soldiers is going to be worse.


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